Thursday, July 14, 2011

TEFL Log: July

New class, 11, seems good.  First exposure to Czechs today.  Much fun is expected, but as with all first contacts much will be unexpected.  So much the better.

TLH rolls on like Prague Thunder.  Back to back to back Summer courses that make doughy native speakers into lean mean teaching machines.  Things are real up on in here, so real.

Let's get Czech.

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Fourth Week

This is it, Grammar Test tomorrow, last lessons for the students on Thursday, and Friday the course ends.  It's nice watching things fall into place, methodology and grammar understanding coming together, interviews are popping up for the students.

It's always an interesting time, new students for the next course are already arriving and the current students are arranging travel plans.  After 4 intensive weeks the students become members of the family, it's nice when they stay, but you're proud that they spread their wings and fly.

Only yesterday was my country's Independence Day, Friday is theirs.  BYAHHH!!!!